94xx 0-6-0Pt.

Kit at preproduction stage [January 2019]


Boxed Kit:-  TBA [350.00 + approx]

Pre formed pannier tank, Frames, cab, firebox, boiler, smokebox,  Handrail knobs and wire;

smokebox door pressing and smokebox ring pressings;

 plus full set of lost wax brass castings, Sans Pareil brass cast backhead & fittings.

includes working inside motion.

 Set of step by step assembly drawings.


Wheels, motor/gearbox, coupling hooks, paint, transfers and # plates not included in the kit



009 Collett parallel buffers 13.00 SBD2 Smokebox door pressing 3.00 Walsall Model Industries:- wheels 61.10
022 AWS bell & battery box 2.50    

2 Rail Fine Scale

037 smokebox door handle 3.00     Slaters Plastikard:- wheels 5855EP 66.00
040 S/box oil pipe cover 2.50 Sans Pareil Chimney 8.50 Slater's Plastikard 'Brake blocks' 4.10
062 Injectors 5.00 Sans Pareil Backhead 25.00    

127 Vacuum & steam heating pipes


Prices may vary please check when ordering

154 Smokebox door hinge 4.40

P&P @ cost Royal Mail 'Sign For'.



Sans Pareil and Martello for more GWR castings

Updated 2nd October 2018