I will not be attending shows in the future.

 Kits and castings are still available (mail order only).

NEW castings to replace white metal have been added to some of my existing kits. see 'loco castings' on the Fittings page.

Increases in prices from supplier (15 - 20%)

New prices for kits will be coming in to effect from

October 2023

Collett 'Goods' 2251 0-6-0 Loco & tender ?470.00

The preproduction build of 2251 kit

Complete with working inside motion and a host of new castings

Collett goods model and photo by John Cruse

The preproduction build of 4575 kit

This is an extra etch plus some new castings to add to the 45xx kit +?60.00

2 wagon kits are now available in 4mm

GWR W12 cattle wagon Kit ?36.00 + P&P ?3.50

(includes 1 sprue of brass castings)

Model & photo by Mark Seward

GWR P15/P18 Kit ?20.00 + P&P ?3.50

(includes 1 sprue of brass castings)

Model & photo by Martin Blackwell


GWR 4mm wagon brass castings

?10.00 + P&P ?3.50

includes 4 axlebox & springs;

4 buffers; vacuum cylinder and 2 vac pipes.



Collett 14xx ?250.00 Hawksworth 16xx ?250.00
Churchward 42xx ?450.00 Churchwarsd 72xx ?450.00
Chuchward 45xx ?420.00 Churchward 4575 ?480.00
Churchward 51xx ?450.00 Collett 54xx ?250.00
Hawksworth 15xx ?450.00 Hawksworth 94xx ?450.00
Collett 'Castle' ?350.00 (excl tender) Hawksworth 'County' ?450.00 (includes tender)
Collett 'Grange' ?350.00 (excl tender) Collett 'Hall' ?350.00 (excl tender)
Churchward 'Mogul' 43xx ?300.00 (excl tender) Collett 'Mogul' 93xx ?300.00 (excl tender)
Dean 'Goods' 2301 ?230.00 (excludes tender) GNR Gresley N2 ?250.00



7mm scale '0' gauge brass locomotives and wagons.


Kits, Etchings, Pressings and Castings.


Payments by cheque BACS or cash.


Contact 01766 770739 or email warren_shephard@btinternet.com


Page updated October 2023.